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Age Calculator Tool is very useful to calculate the age of any person/object by knowing the date of its birth and the present date or the date till you want to calculate the age.

Age Calculator Online

The below given is the calculator to calculate your age online by providing date of birth and present date. Use this calculator to find age.

AGE Calculator
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Calculator Use

With the help of the above age calculator , you can know the age of person, or place or thing provided it have a date of birth or date of origin. The age calculator provides the age in the format : years , months , days.

How to Use this calculator

The use of the age calculator online is very easy. It has two input options namely - "Select the Date of Birth" and "Age at the Date of". In the first option select the birth date of person or the date when the object / person/ device came into existence.

After this select the date till which you want to know its age. If you want to know its age till present date, then select the present date in the "Age at the Date of" option.

After selecting the proper dates, click on "Calculate Age" button. The answer or calculated age will appear in the Answer section provided after the calculate button.


Q. What does the Online Age calculator do ?

Ans : It calculates the age on the basis of the entered dates.