How to Change Finance Image File as Excel Spreadsheet?

When it comes to storing and organizing data without any distortion, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet plays a crucial role. On the other hand, JPG image files come in small sizes that users can share and store over certain channels.

However, what if you got your finance spreadsheet as an image file and you want to highlight or mention some editing on a specific cell? That’s where you ought to account for an online jpg to excel converter that uses OCR processing to convert images into Excel spreadsheets without losing formatting.

Platforms like are the perfect utility that uses advanced OCR-based image to excel converter to process the conversion. This platform lets you extract text from jpg, jpeg, png, jfif, gif, and other image formats and store it in editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format.

In this informative blog post, you will go through different ways that reveal how to convert your existing images to Excel spreadsheets. You can use these tools right now to manage finance-related invoices and other documents that you saved as images and transform them into editable Excel files.

EasyPDF converter

Start using EasyPDF converter which is packed with a simple-to-use interface through which you can export images as Excel files effortlessly.

This platform entertains you with a full-fledged version of an image to XLSX converter that does not indulge in distortion while turning jpg into Excel format.

In addition, if you want to change an image to an editable Word file for free, then this platform is the perfect choice for you. Fortunately, you do not require any registration or sign-up process to make transformations for your existing files.

How to Change a JPG image into Excel files online?

  • To start, you need to browse & upload the image file into this online conversion tool. Alternatively, you could directly from your local system storage, Google Drive, or a cloud service like Dropbox
  • Very next, you have to proceed with the “Convert Image” button that lets you process an image to Excel conversion
  • Finally, wait for a while and download the converted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format without any hassle


Smallpdf is a legitimate source that generally lets you make conversions for PDF documents without any distortion.

Remember that this online web-based program does not allow you to export images as Excel spreadsheets directly. First, you need to change your existing image into PDF with jpg to pdf converter, and then navigate to pdf to excel converter to turn the converted PDF into editable MS Excel spreadsheet format.

Get rid of all daunting sign-up processes, simply add the file and let this online converter do all for you in a matter of seconds while maintaining the formatting of the resultant file.

How To Turn JPG Into Excel Online with Smallpdf?

  • Open Small pdf and start importing your image file and export it as PDF document format
  • Very next, you need to swiftly download the converted PDF image, and make click on the “Start over” button that is given on the bottom-right corner of this converter
  • Now, it’s time to upload the transformed PDF file and make an instant click on “to Excel” and let this program process further conversion
  • Once you have done with that all, just make a single click and save the converted file


No matter how many images you want to convert into MS Excel spreadsheets, this online tool lets you make the conversion for up to 20 images at once.

In addition to that, this online web-based desktop program is loaded with more than 100 different tools that let you make conversions from documents, pdf, eBooks, images, and different others.

It is also packed with a full-fledged version of an image to text converter that uses an advanced AI-based OCR process to extract text from images, it also lets you process batch file conversion for free of cost.

No sign-up or registration processes, just drag and drop your file and get the newly generated file with this online assistance.

How to Convert JPG to Excel XLS or XLSX with “the online converter” ?

  • Drag and drop or browse and upload your existing images into this jpg to Excel converter online.
  • After uploading, choose the converted format including (xlsx, xls, CSV, pdf, etc) from the drop-down list. Then, click Convert
  • Finally, download the converted files according to your selected format with a single click.


Finally, you encountered a few best picks that let you proceed with OCR-based conversions with the assistance of an image to excel converter. So, start using these tools for creating Microsoft Excel spreadsheets from the existing images without any huge manual intervention.

Author: Zaenab Farida
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